How a Film Production Company in Sydney Can Help You Produce Competitive Unscripted Video Content

Digital marketing is an important key to business success with video content playing an increasingly important role in this strategy. According to Adweek, 81% of consumers conduct research online before buying. This emphasises the need to be producing fresh content that can hold the consumer’s attention and remain in their memory. Instagram saw their engagement numbers for video climb by more than 50% in 2017 with global video ad spending predicted to increase by over 25% in 2018. What does that mean for your business? Simple: you need SIXTYFOUR FILMS, a film production company in Sydney.


The Advantages of Using a Video Content Production Company in Sydney


Our video content production company in Sydney can help your business soak up some of the attention that customers all over the planet are currently giving to other video advertisers. It’s a competitive space, but a necessary one to enter if you want to stay at the forefront of your consumer’s mind. It has never been more crucial to choose a production company that can offer you extraordinary vision and unparalleled technical skill. Whether you are trying to make a commercial or simply capture your brand at its best for an unscripted spot, you will need to work with professionals who have demonstrated their success in the business.


How to Hire a Company that will Meet Your Needs


When you are searching for an unscripted video production company in Sydney, keep the following criteria in mind. These tips will help you choose a company whose work will make a difference:


  • Look for professionals who will listen to your needs and vision while work with you to ensure a high quality of service and satisfying results.
  • Find a company that counts recognisable brands among their clients. A video production company that has worked for major media outlets, fashion labels or other heavy-hitters can make your brand pop.
  • Hire media-savvy professionals who have grown up in the age of digital technology. Experience only matters when it’s the right kind of experience, and the digital media landscape moves fast— so it’s beneficial to hire people who have produced many different works in the last few years to suit various mediums.



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SIXTYFOUR FILMS can offer the kind of film and video content production you need. We have more than five years of experience producing unscripted video and other digital content for a truly impressive roster of clients, which includes names such as Spotify, Samsung, and Men’s Health. Our technical prowess and next-generation equipment make us an obvious choice for companies seeking a way to raise their profile and command their target markets. We have been named one of the four best commercial production companies in the nation so call today, and let us help you create extraordinary video content.