The Advantages of Hiring a Video Content Production Company for Your Brand Documentary and Social Media Marketing in Sydney

Corporate videos are often done poorly with clichéd scripts, audio issues and bad lighting. The resulting video becomes a boring and unwatchable content piece that viewers will fail to complete in entirety and have no recall of the brand. With the abundance of content in the market today, people are highly aware of when they are being targeted for advertising. Therefore it is crucial to present them with outstanding and professional video that stands out from the mundane. A professional video production company in Sydney, such as SIXTYFOUR FILMS, can help you achieve this. By attracting new leads with our professionalism and high quality production, we are the perfect option for your video content production for the following reasons…


Exceptional Creative Vision


SIXTYFOUR FILM’S unique creative vision will put you at the forefront of your industry in terms of video content. Tell us your main aim; whether it be attracting potential customers, building publicity or brand awareness or to simply entertain. We have the ability to elicit that emotional response from your viewers by grabbing their attention in a new and creative way.


Capturing the Perfect Tone


To produce a memorable video and deliver the desired effect, you want to convey your message in the right way. A great way to achieve this is with an unscripted documentary style of storytelling. It is a real, relatable and authentic way to tell a story. This is why you should consider this style of video if you’re a brand looking to build authentic content. For such a project, working with a brand documentary production company in Sydney is essential. With our expertise in crafting brand funded documentary content we will help you seamlessly achieve your commercial objectives while telling a compelling and authentic story.



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An Experienced Team


A marketing video is only as good as the production team it was created by. At SIXTYFOUR FILMS, we only work with the best of the best. Our social media video production company includes professional directors, cinematographers, editors, stylists, and more to help you vision to life.


Access to Top-of-the-line Resources


At SIXTYFOUR FILMS we not only have a wealth of experience with our state of the art tools but we also know exactly what equipment you’d require for every type of shoot. We have access to the best gear in the business, ensuring your video will look crisp and professionally made. Having a company you can trust to get the job done and done properly is vital. Rest easy as we’re all over it so you don’t have to be.


A Driven Marketing Strategy


Making your video is only the first step. Creating a plan to release your video is crucial to your overall strategy. SIXTYFOUR FILMS can help in optimising your video to every platform from YouTube to Facebook, from Twitter to national television. Another option we can help with is to promote your video through your company’s website or through an email marketing campaign.


SIXTYFOUR FILMS for marketing video production in Sydney

SIXTYFOUR FILMS is an industry-leading video production service built on the needs of digital media with an emphasis on process and creative execution. We are one of the top four commercial production companies in Australia with quick turnarounds and competitive pricing. Contact SIXTYFOUR FILMS today to discuss your branded content needs.